Die Mauer Arte Contemporanea

Christophe Beauregard


Christophe Beauregard was born in Saintes, France in 1966. Since the mid 2000s he produced a singular body of photographic work, offering a contemporary take on the genre of portraiture. His photographies try to show how the body pays the price for that very contemporary obsession to give meaning to one’s existence. In his series on the homeless, the world of childhood or that of business, he often uses make-up and reconstitution. Behind the flattering aspect of these shots with their academic framing and lighting, Christophe Beauregard systematically puts in tension the viewer's desire to look and the psychological flaws of the photographed subjects. The artist’s uses of pretense, simulacrum and concealment are tinged with a certain irony.

Christophe Beauregard’s work has been exhibited at Centre Pompidou-Metz (2014), Frankfurt Schirn Kunsthalle (Germany, 2015), and at Centquatre-Paris (2017) beside outstanding artists such as Richard Avedon, Raymond Depardon, William Klein, Gerhard Richter, Cindy Sherman or Andy Warhol. At the beginning of 2020 the gallery Die Mauer presented his works at the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo in Prato in the exhibition It's getting dark. His projects have been shown in French renowned magazines such as Libération, Les Inrockuptibles, Le Monde, L'Oeil, Esse and have been published several times, notably by Editions Filigranes (Semantic tramps, 2008 and Manuel d'esthétique, 2004) and Trans Photographic Press (Europe Echelle 27, 2009).

Beauregard lives and works at the Bateau-Lavoir in Paris.

It's Getting Dark - 90x90cm 2014



2020• It's Getting Dark, Museo dell'Opera del Duomo di Prato, in collaborazione con Die Mauer  2019• The Immemorials, Ségolène Brossette Galerie, Parigi  2018• Sari, Galerie Rue Antoine, Parigi  2017• Trouble-fête, Espace du Bateau-Lavoir, Parigi  2016• Armeggiare in un fazzoletto da taschino, Centquatre-Paris  2014• Sotto copertura, Galerie Golan Rouzkhosh, Parigi, Francia • Si sta facendo buio, Centre Pompidou-Metz, Francia  2011• Trompe le monde, Galerie Briobox, Parigi, Francia  2010• Technomades, Fondazione Alcatel-Lucent, Naperville, Ilinois, USA  2009• Las Vegas, Voies Off Festival, Arles, Francia  • EllesVMH, LVMH, Parigi, Francia • Technomades, Atrium Alcatel-Lucent, Parigi, Francia  2008• Vagabondi semantici, L’été photographique de Lectoure, Francia 


2019 • Italia a Bateau-Lavoir, spazio espositivo Bateau-Lavoir, Parigi • Tutti possiamo essere supereroi, Maison des arts d´Elancourt • Robot e leggende, Nuit Blanche, municipio del XVIII secolo, Parigi  • Lavori in corso, Ségolène Brossette Galerie Paris