Die Mauer Arte Contemporanea

Isabella Gherardi


Isabella Gherardi lives and works in Rome. Her artistic research moves between drawing, photography, painting, installation and marble sculpture.

Among the cycles of works we remember “Greenhouses”, on the theme of nature; the “Bilder” series, on the female nude and drawing; “Selfportraits”, watercolors on paper of female faces and bodies, “Still Lifes”, photographic works where the study of color predominates; Fayum photographic self-portraits and gold leaf. "Greenhouses" is a research that the artist has been carrying out since the beginning and has as its subject nature, botanical gardens and greenhouses. Subjects shot with the Hasselblad are then reworked in the studio by combining refined collages, very fine drawings and very light shades of color. All this gives the new image an aura of rarefaction. Reality is transfigured in a suspended and timeless atmosphere.

Ensō 2 - ø 70 2018



The personal exhibition at the Ludwig museum, Aachen, at Studio Casoli, Milan, at the Pecci museum, Prato, at the John Weber gallery, New York, at the Morra Foundation, Naples, at the Photology gallery, Milan, at Studio Geddes-Franchetti , Rome, at the Caillebotte propriété, Yerres and at the Pièce Unique gallery, Paris. Important curators such as Jean-Christophe Ammann, Wolfgang Becker, Bruno Corà, Achille Bonito Oliva have written about his work. His works are present in important public and private collections including Ludwig Collection, Aachen, Pecci Museum, Prato, County Museum of Los Angeles.