Die Mauer Arte Contemporanea

Paolo Pagani


Paolo Pagani (1963) lives and works in Milan, in 1981 putting his talents to good use in drawing, after his artistic studies, he immediately began to collaborate as art director with some Milan advertising agencies, among the most important Saatchi & Saatchi Milano. Between 1985 and 1993 he received numerous awards and publications in the annuals de the Italian Art Director Club for the creativity of its campaigns. In these years he developed a passion for photography which became his profession since 1991 linked to fashion and portrait, constantly seeking to apply experimentation to creativity through the photographic medium. In 2001 he exhibited one at the Milan Triennale personal interpretation of the work Rocchetto di Castiglioni on the occasion of event 150 items 150 Artworks on the Kartell Museum organized by Franca Sozzani, who will become one traveling collective exhibition and a book interpreted by the greatest exponents of art and international photography. Since 2010, his interest has focused on author photography which includes the collection of Nouveau and Contemplation of Nature photographic works exhibited in 2017 in a solo show at Villa Erba in Como.

Untiteled - finart print glice 40 x 55,5cm



2001 Milan Triennale, Kartell Museum tribute collective exhibition 2009 Ugo Carà Art Museum, Kartell Museum tribute collective exhibition 2016 Corner Kartell MIA Milan 2017 Villa Erba Como, show only 2017 Montecarlo Riva Houseboat, None excluded Auction and collective exhibition Publications 200 best photographers Worldwide Luzer's Archive 150 items 150 Artworks Kartell ed. Stira