Die Mauer Arte Contemporanea

Andrea Marini


Andrea Marini was born in Florence where he obtained his artistic maturity and a degree in architecture. He lives in Florence and carries out his artistic activity, which began at the end of the 1980s, in an industrial-type space in Calenzano (Florence). Starting from the awareness of a reality in which the man-nature relationship is subject to continuous manipulations and alterations, his artistic path develops in the research and re-creation of a new "world" where the boundary between the real and the fantastic is very labile. His research therefore becomes the desire for a new birth, for bodily metamorphosis and poetic transformation for a different vision of reality.

Ventri, lana d'acciaio e filo metallico, 140 x 280 x 35 cm, 2016



2019 "SuperNatura", curated by Valerio Dehò, Die Mauer Contemporary Art 2018 "Novi Mundi", Kate Vass Galerie, Zurich 2017 "Antithesis" international masterpieces at Relais Santa Croce, curated by National Association of Art Galleries 2016 "stepartfair Milanoscultura 2016 ", Die Mauer Gallery -" Sensations ", Galleria Immaginaria, Florence 2015 -" Anomalie ", Die Mauer Gallery, Ristorante Sciató, Serravalle Pistoiese (PT) 2013" Mimesi, Museum of unnatural history ", curated by Valerio Dehò, Die Mauer Gallery 2012 "Intrusions", curated by Patrizia Landi, Lastra a Signa Municipal Library - LINKs Meetings with the artists, Aparte, Ass.PecciArte, Prato 2010 "Genesis" by Maurizio Vanni and Flora Rovigo, Lu.CCACenter of Contemporary Art - "imagined nature" by Monica Gazzo 2007 Domai Basicloft, curated by Davide Russo, Fi 2005 "studiotalks", curated by Start (Fi) 2004 "Ibernati", curated by Patrizia Landi, Puntoarte LABA (Fi) 2003 "Sradicati", curated by Ronaldo Fiesoli, Patrizia Pepe (Fi) - "Ovovoidi", curated by Daniela Cresti ( Fi) 2002 "Effoserra", curated by Paola Ballerini, Cultural Association "Grafio", Prato 1998 "In Nuce", Recalcati Contemporary Art, Turin - "In rerum natura", La Corte Arte Contemporanea, Fi 1997 Fiorile Arte, a curated by Vladimiro Zocca (Bo) 1994 "Balance of Souls", curated by Valeria Bruni, Image space gallery, Foligno 1993 Renata Turin Contemporary Art Studio, curated by Lia De Venere, Isernia - "L'Armonia Discorde", curated by Emidio De Albentiis, Palazzo Comunale, Perugia 1989 "A theater of forms", curated by Gino Calende, Prato. And numerous group exhibitions.