Die Mauer Arte Contemporanea


In 2010 In Prato, a city that has always been sensitive to the contemporary languages, has opened a new space for art:Die Mauer, a meeting point between the traditional conception of the gallery and testing projects, comparisons, training activities. Die Mauer (which in German means literally "the Wall”) was born in via Pomeria, near the medieval walls, it moved to the city center in 2013 in one of the historic streets. It's inthis position thar is summed up one of the most important part of the program that the galleryowner Marini Meri intends to focus on,the projection towards new artistic espressions in Italy and in the rest of the world.

Following this line of excellence, the gallery devotes its business to Italian artists, mostly Tuscan, seeking out players to revive but also young and unprecedented resources to be discovered.

The same exhibition activity branches in explorations between different languages, from traditional techniques of painting, sculpture, photography, installations and performances to range to up to open to design, fashion and the problems related to intercultural dialogue. in recent years after some two-person exhibitions with French artists, the gallery has opened up to some international collaborations, without losing sight of the initial project.