Die Mauer Arte Contemporanea


Zero Zero  - Carlo Colli

Zero Zero - Carlo Colli

15 May 2021

Curator: Riccardo Farinelli

courtesy: Die Mauer contemporary art gallery

Once again the outdoor spaces of the eighteenth-century villa Rospigliosi in Prato become the privileged context of an unprecedented process of genesis and reception around contemporary art. This is the path started by the ChorAsis project: "the Vision Space", where the relationship between the artist, the creation of the work in a specific site and the active role of the user are the focus of a careful observation of a new approach and comparison . A fertile ground on which to stimulate questions, ask reflections, develop creative processes.

ZERO ZERO the new site specific project created by the artist Carlo Colli and curated by Riccardo Farinelli in the park-garden of Villa Rospigliosi, with inauguration on Saturday 15 May at 16:00 and open to the public until 17 May 2021. ZERO ZERO a reflection on the monument and on the transience whose maturation progresses through a slow procedure of subtraction to reach the essentiality of the synthesis. In the confrontation between the individual, the community and the monument, Carlo Colli stigmatizes attitudes and ways of feeling, inviting us to consider Time as a motus continui reality.ZERO ZERO an exhibition project with simple and bare formal ways, aimed at making the visitor move physically and intellectually. “00”, phrases and spaces that transform the visitor to whom they are addressed at the very moment in which he reads them and decodes them into what is declared to him. With the same determined change, the external elements will dissolve and transform what can never remain immobile, while the eighteenth-century villa, with its persistent historical strength, represents the irrefutable contrast to such dynamism.A research, that of Carlo Colli, on the idea of ​​time and time. A non-existent time in its making, ephemeral, never the same. Adding to a tense daily exercise an all-encompassing idea, capable of involving living from day to day.The hope, to gain calm while considering the elusiveness, the fluidity, the terrible unstoppability with its laws that can only be lived more than understood.The invitation, do not give up asking, albeit accepting the changeability by not having control over it and warning to be part of it.An awareness of the infinite connections that bind humans to each other and to the rest of the planet.A visionary feeling capable of feeling the breath of history.

Carlo Colli, born in Sicily, has lived in Florence since his years of attending the Academy of Fine Arts. His research is destructuring and subtractive that revolves around the perennial relationship of the unstoppable flow of time and the change in the state of things towards a reflection on the liquid and fleeting dimension that characterizes contemporary culture. In his language, post, skin, recompose, installation interventions, works of paper, use of organic matter and perishable metaphor of the transience of our time. Present in various public and private collections in Italy and abroad, numerous personal and group participations curated by Bruno Corà, Tommaso Evangelista, Luca Sposato, Pietro Gaglianò. In Prato present at the Die Mauer gallery and in the catalog "the end of the world" of the Centro Pecci.