Die Mauer Arte Contemporanea

Augusta Bariona


Augusta Bariona was born in Milan. With the beginning of his path of inner deepening with anthroposophy and meditation. his life takes the definitive turn of spiritual and artistic research: painting, photography and writing are essential expressions of the soul Watercolor, the first tissue papers, food colors, large format tempera paintings from the mid-1990s. The photograph tells of the travels: Atlantic crossings on a sailing boat, India and safaris in Africa. Publish poetry books. He continues with the collages and from 2002 deepens the other techniques at the San Luca Academy in Milan with anthroposophical focus. A series of oil works inspired by Death, astrology and Alchemy began. In 2007 he created a video installation: "the Divine Mother" symbolic of alchemical transformation. It continues with the color White and Suminagashi. Since 2010 he has refined the collages technique by creating some series of works with a unique style (Bach Flowers Project, Ride la magpie) Photography, using only the Iphone, is dedicated to the everyday world and is expressed with a series of books: Walking , Wondering faces, Ethiopia.

“ il vecchio e il mare” omaggio a E.Hemimgway - 60x60cm


Solo exhibitions:

2018 - MyMicroGallery - Milan "On the edge of doubt" 2018 - Banca Fideuram - Milan "Fiori" 2017 - Mede Lomellina - Galleria Allegri - "Collages" 2014 - Civic Gallery 8- Vigevano - "Ride the black magpie on the orange trees" 2013- Castle of Casale Monferrato "Shades of Thought" 2008 - Vercelli - Art House Gallery - "Velario".

Group exhibitions:

2020 - Permanent and Fine Arts Society "Lock art" online exhibition 2019- Permanent and Fine Arts Society "Leonardo" 2018- Permanent and Fine Arts Society "Urban Art 2018 - Onishi gallery - NYC -" The Silent Witness "2017- Society of Permanent and Fine Arts" Color-light -matter "2017 - Castelnuovo Scrivia (Al) -" Harmonic Dissonance "2017 - Independent Artists Busto Garolfo" Men in The space "2016 - Society of Permanent and Fine arts "Tribute to the fathers - the chair" 2015 - Milan Expo 1906-2015 c / o Palazzina Liberty Milan 2014 - House of Cultures - Milan- "The double" 2013 - Vigevano Castle - "Harmonic Dissonances" 2012 - Rotary Tortona - " Harmonic Dissonances "From 2009 to 2015 - Castello - Vigevano" Art in Vigevano ".