Die Mauer Arte Contemporanea

Carlo Colli


Carlo Colli, born in Ribera in Sicily in 1968, after graduating from the State Art Institute of Sciacca, will finish his studies in 1991 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, where he currently lives and works. The matrix of his work is the analysis aimed more at experimenting with the operational processes of pictorial language than at its purpose, which interprets and redefines painting as reality itself and not necessarily as a tool to emotionally replicate or filter it. His latest projects are: "Post", "Skin" and "Recompose". He has participated in numerous collective and personal exhibitions, and in as many fairs. It is in the permanent collection of the CAMUSAC of Cassino. He took part in the "The Tower of Babel" project on the occasion of the inauguration of the Pecci Museum.

Skin N92 - pittura bianca strappata su carta, 2 - 35x25cm 2015



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