Die Mauer Arte Contemporanea

Franco Belsole


Franco Belsole was born in Viterbo in 1958. The central component in Franco Belsole's work is the interest and attention to anonymity in large cities, contemplating the position of the individual in the dynamism and architectural, cultural and anthropological symbolism in Western societies. The individual captured in spaces or not places in any metropolis, becomes the protagonist in installations and diptychs of large and medium format presented in galleries and architectural places that consequently take on the role of a work container. With a view to video art, we are witnessing a construction of recovery that focuses on the effect of the slowdown, as in the 2015 film QUE SUIS-JE, entirely shot in Paris, whose theme supports photographic work and caresses the theme of existentialism in contemporary society. He has several collective and personal exhibitions under his belt, and his photos are present in numerous collections.

Parigi 2010 Un tempo - 70x100cm 2010


Personal exhibitions:

2015 Rome - AOC Gallery F58 Bruno Lisi - «Non-places» 2014 Prato - Die Mauer Gallery - «Paris 2010. A time, any place» 2013 Paris - Galerie Laure Roynette - «Artist's Folder» 2012 Rome - International ArtExpo - «Hidden Cities & Hybrid Identities» 2011 Milan - MIA - Milan Image Art Fair 2010 Reggio Emilia - Hotel S.Marco Gallery - European Photography - off 2009 Rome - AOCF Gallery 58 - «Sequences» 2008 Genoa - Satura Gallery - «New York »2007 Rome - The Green Room Gallery -« Taxi Stop »2004 Rome - The Green Room Gallery -« Market Streets »2001 Milan - S Fedele Gallery -« Incontri »2000 Rome - AOCF 58 Gallery -« Streets »1997 Rome - Area Gallery Domus- «No Comunication» - L'Aquila - Experimental Museum of Contemporary Art - «No communication 1993 Calcata - Galleria Tempo Reale -« Il Fotogramma »- Viterbo - Galleria Bussi -« What »1991 Civitella D'Agliano - International Project Civitella D'Agliano - «Times» »