Die Mauer Arte Contemporanea

Giada Mazzini


Having completed her studies in Fashion Design, Giada Mazzini born in Prato, began working in the fashion world designing and creating clothing for international brands. Always on the quest of new creative sources, she moves to London for a year, where she deals with important figures in contemporary art , from which their unconventional style, blended with material contamination bring her to elaborate the existing interaction between Art and Fashion. This fascinating union brings her back to Italy and make that the core of her research in visual arts moves and concentrates in the experimentation and study of artistic techniques, such as painting and sculpture. So begins her individual and intimate journey, researching in colour, matter, plastic deformation of metal and use of the automatic shutter, the configuration and elaboration of her personal poetic expressive language.

Alter Ego - dipinto su legno e acciaio 60x60cm 2018


- 2019 Corpi Trasparenti, curated by Mattia Lapperier - Die Mauer contemporary art Gallery - Palazzo Datini - Prato - 2018 Silenzi Coscienti, curated by Sarah Lanzoni - Galleria Après-coup - Milano, in collaboration with Die Mauer contemporary art Gallery - Prato - For this occasion a Catalogue of the Solo Exhibition has been published - 2014 Oltre, curated by Meri Marini - Die Mauer contemporary art Gallery - Prato - 2013 Le mie sculture, curated by Die Mauer contemporary art Gallery - Salotto Culturale Via dell’Arancio Tre - Pistoia She has participated in numerous Collective Exhibitions and Art Fairs