Die Mauer Arte Contemporanea

Maurizio Sapia


Born in Sanremo in 1966, after his studies and after the end of his cycling career at the age of 21, fascinated by the great creativity of the fashion world, he moved to Milan to follow the photography courses of the European Design Institute . After graduating from IED, he began first as an assistant, then as a photographer to collaborate with a famous Milan studio specializing in still-life photography. After a few years he founded Studio h2o with three other partners, collaborating with various fashion magazines and advertising agencies. It is also part of a group of professionals in the image field and engineers to develop 3D video shooting techniques. In the last fifteen years he has developed his own expressive way free from the rules of commercial photography: first through analog photography and then making use of the computer he has explored territories between photography and painting with his very personal style. His interest in the expressive potential of the digital world has extended his research to interactive installations. For some years he has devoted himself exclusively to his artistic research and collaborates with the Diemauer Gallery in Prato and recently with the STP Galerie of Greisfwald in Germany and EB gallery in Los Angeles. Lives and works in Milan

Here and There - 125x90cm 2017


Solo exhibitions:

2020 Zingst Foto Festival DE 2019 STP Galerie, Greifswald DE 2018 RenArt Gallery Istanbul TREB Gallery Los Angeles CA 2017 DIEMAUER Prato gallery 2014 DIEMAUER Prato gallery 2013 MIA Milano art fair cur. F. Castelli with catalog  Sciatò Serravalle Pistoiese cur. Diemaker Galleria Mirabilia (exib. Incl. In European Photography) Reggio Emilia  2012 MIA Milan art fair 2011 MIA Milan art fair 2005 Click-Art Milan Gallery “Nature non Morte” Collective exibitions and Fairs 2020 Karlsruhe art fair 2019 ArtAnkara Turkey AriaArt gallery Istanbul TR 2018 Karlsruhe art fair Scope art fair Miami FL 2017 MY art fair Milan STP Gallery (Greftswald) Germany Fotofever Art Fair Paris 2016 Fotofever Art Fair Paris 2015 Italian Biennale of Photography (Milan) On Art Gallery (Florence) 2014 Step art fair Fotofever art fair Paris 2011 Mantua Palazzo Te "The doubt of beauty" 2007 Foiano Fotografia (Arezzo) 2005 Bibbiena Photography Museum (Florence) 2003 Pagani Museum of Contemporary Art (Varese) Foiano Fotografia (Arezzo) 2001 L'Oeie Nu Liege Gallery (Belgium) Marghera Photography (Venice)