Die Mauer Arte Contemporanea



Moallaseconda was born and lives in Prato. Moallaseconda lives, reflects, breathes, acts, modifies, spaces, observes what is around him, conditioned by the innumerable signs and situations that are placed in front of him, often random and which subsequently are unconsciously reflected on his creations. After an initial path, which led him to measure himself immediately with the street, through often nocturnal interventions and with a more figurative approach, today's work necessarily went further, based on the research of the material, fascinated by the form and with a particular, almost obsessive attention to the different search for textures or textures, an intrinsic search for randomness, a chance that reflects one's life and what is around, simply by observing, with the simplicity of knowing how to grasp the signs that surround us. Signs created out of nothing, or by themselves, that are there, but often no one observes, or is observed in any other way. This is the basis that is accompanying him in any of his works, ranging from a mural, a print or an installation. In the face of printing experimentation, it focuses on the monotype technique, from where a search starts for materials, often found on the street, used to print and create new textures / textures. This leads him to get much closer to matter in a physical sense. Start using it directly, creating random-natural installations of matter, with materials found on the street or in abandoned places, acting directly on the territory, connected to the roots of the mural world.


2013 - personal "Backwords" at Qahwa 2014 - mural project "Darsena" Ravenna, for the contribution of Ravenna, European capital of culture. 2014 - urban art festival included in the "Contemporary Prato" program realized at the Bastione delle Forche 2014 - personal "Il Mucchio" at AUT 2015 - urban art and illustration festival "Wall Tour Florence" at Ex-Emerson - permanent work " Study on enzymes "at the Le Nuove prisons in Turin, on the occasion of the art fair The Others - Art Fair - temporary installation" Ex Trenne / NewS Tree "at piazza del Pesce (PO)