Die Mauer Arte Contemporanea

Paolo Meoni


He was born in Prato where he lives and works in the artistic sphere as a video maker and photographer. His first video is from 2001 and was presented at the La Corte Gallery in Florence. His research through video and installation considers the identity of an industrial landscape that changes over time thanks to new migrations, new work prospects and changing architecture. Consider the conurbation and shifts of nature in the territories of industry: so this new urban and human landscape that is configured in continuous modification reflects on his way of working and on the images he creates: an (impossible) attempt to grasp this instant of reality that lives directly on the territory. He continued his research in the photographic field, going to develop new ways of making photography, enjoying great success with the public and critics, becoming part of many private and museum collections.

Streams - 118x80cm stampa su carta barricata 2007


2020 "A distanza ravvicinata", Galleria Nazionale, Rome. 2019 "On Flower Power. The Role of the Vase in Arts, Crafts and Design, "L'Italie au Bâteau-Lavoir", Paris. 2018 "The drawing of drawing", museum of the twentieth century, Florence. 2017 "Esposizione", NIHIL NOVUM SUB SOLE, Galleria Die Mauer, Prato .2016 Casa Masaccio San Giovanni valdarno ," Untitled" curated by Cristiana Collu and Stretto Cincinelli.2016, Fruit of Palazzo Te, "A dream made in Mantua" - Piacenza, Biffi art gallery "At the limit of the visible" - San Vito al Tagliamento, "Palinsesti". 2015 "Passaggi", Casa Masaccio museum in San Giovanni Valdarno - Artopia Gallery in Milan "Ophelia". 2014 Lato gallery, Prato - Artopia Gallery Milan entitled Dis-closures.2013 Mart museum in Rovereto, exhibition on the portrait curated by the philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy entitled "The other Portrait". - New theme for The screen of art Flm Festival, Florence - "Volumi" AplusB gallery in Brescia. 2012 En plein air, double solo exhibition of Die Mauer Gallery and Dryphoto contemporary art, participates in the collective of the MAN in Nuoro "The immobile event. Leafing through time ", and in the selection of the Terna Award held at the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow and the" Mondi "project, in various places in the city of Prato. - Mart Museum, "The Magnificent Obsession". 2010 "Passage to Prato", two-person show with Alberto Moretti, Die Mauer Gallery, Prato. 2008 “New Delhi: Urban Landscapes”, at the Center for Contemporary Art L. Pecci di Prato at the Italian Cultural Institute of New Delhi, in and at the 32nd Mediterranean Film Festival of Montpellier in the experimental section continues with the Festival of enterprise cities, landscape impact, curated by the Usine study center and the Francesco Fabbri Foundation.