Die Mauer Arte Contemporanea

Sara Berola


Sara Berola's works remind us of how work is enriched precisely when it stops. It is in the interruption of the plot, in the stitches and tears that we can experience first-hand the fragility of things, that is, their living flesh. Her objects seem unfinished, suspended in a precarious existence that allows a glimpse of beauty. The visibility of the eye drops precisely when we get too close to the reality of events and objects. It is precisely in the closest proximity when things seem to reveal their plot, too thick to be seen with the naked eye. Her research is the exploration of the fiber from which Kafkaesque, brazen, deformed and anarchic creatures emerge. Just as they were conceived, they have become a living thing, suddenly they now live in reality, they share our same space despite their existential condition of precariousness. (Paula Brignardello)


Sara Berola was born in 1986 in San Pedro (Bs. As) Argentina. You currently live and work in Tuscany.