Die Mauer Arte Contemporanea

Saverio Mercati


His typically conceptual orientation work spans various aspects of communication, expressing himself through writing, sculpture, photography, video and installation. In addition to expressly multimedia works, Mercati deals with the theme of provocation by creating composite works with didactic aspects and a strong literary accent. The recurring theme is the experimentation and development of new languages, but also the denial of style understood as a recurring aesthetic matrix. Photography, like other media, video, installation, are used as a linguistic artifice and arise from an intellectual need of a narrative nature. Through apparently simple subjective and with the complicity of refined aesthetic deceptions, Mercati manages to convey to the image a sense of profound disquiet and a destabilization in terms of reference to reality, as well as a ruthless investigation into the dramatic aspects of existence and the representation of reality.

scultura base- 2008 legno e tempera cm 35 x 35 x 160.