Die Mauer Arte Contemporanea

Stefania Puntaroli


Born in Prato in 1972, Stefania Puntaroli graduated from the Art institute in Pistoia and studied painting at the Academy of Arts in Florence, specializing in Visual Arts an Performing Disciplines, as well as in engraving at the international renowned printmaking school "Il Bisonte". Since 1995 she has exhibited in personal and collective exhibitions, participating in biennale and triennials of graphics; her works are present in public and private collections in Italy and abroad. Stefania Puntaroli's research ranges from subjects of invention that narrate through images a fantastic and surreal world to themes suggested by the observation of natural and scientific phenomena that solicit her interest from time to time, experimenting with different techniques and materials in a constant question of various expressive language. Thanks to a refined and elegant graphic sign gained in the long practice of engraving and drawing,Stefania cuts out the details, the minimum features that make each object unique and unrepeatable.

BTP10 - 50x70cm, inchiostro argento su carta velina nera 2013


2019 Interdipendenti, personal, Die Mauer Arte Contemporanea Gallery, Prato 2018 Architects Party 2018 / Domestic installations B + P architects, Prato 2014 The Others Turin, in collaboration with the Die Mauer 2013 Alter Ego / Alter Mundi Gallery curated by Alessio Zipoli and Filippo Bigagli, Cultart Foundry, Ex-Church of San Giovanni Gerosolimitano, Prato 2011 Biennal International de gravat Josep Ribera, Xàtiva, Valencia, Spain - Personal Heads of Artist, Die Mauer Contemporary Art, Prato - Personal - Fractal curated by Paola Ballerini, Matroneo di San Pier Maggiore, Pistoia - Personal The first book by Paola Ballerini, Grafio / Prato